72-cell MBB Half-cell Module 470W – Ja Solar

72-cell MBB Half-cell Module 470W

Product introduction:

  • Cell: Mono
  • No. of cells: 144(6×24)
  • Rated Maximum Power(Pmax): 470W
  • Maximum Efficiency: 21.2%
  • Junction Box: IP68,3 diodes
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000V/1500V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85℃
  • Connectors: QC4.10(1000V)、QC4.10-35(1500V)

Product model: JAM72S20/MR
Product description:

Assembled with multi-busbar PERC cells, the half-cell configuration of the modules offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shading effect on the energy generation, lower risk of hot spot, as well as enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading.



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